Neue Features auf Teams-Roadmap angekündigt (41/2022)

Neu auf #Microsoft Teams-Roadmap: Chat-Teilnehmer per @-mention hinzufügen, Diverses rund um Virtual Appointments, verbesserte Bedienoberflächen für Teams Rooms on Android, Walkie Talkie-Nutzungsreports.

Neu auf der Microsoft Teams-Roadmap in der vergangenen Woche: Chat-Teilnehmer per @-mention hinzufügen, Diverses rund um Virtual Appointments, verbesserte Bedienoberflächen für Teams Rooms on Android, Walkie Talkie-Nutzungsreports.

Mehr Details und Aktualisierungen auf der Microsoft 365 Roadmap zu Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams: Virtual Appointments App

Preview: December 2022
GA: February 2023

Provides a single location where professionals and administrators can schedule and manage scheduled and on-demand virtual appointments in Microsoft Teams, view valuable appointment insights and analytics, get real-time status updates in a queue view, and send appointment reminders.

Vollständiger Roadmap-Eintrag...

Es gibt außerdem noch diesen (identisch benannten) Roadmap-Eintrag, der sich auf „Platforms: Teams & Surface“ bezieht – während sich der obere auf „Platforms: Desktop, Web“ bezieht.

Microsoft Teams: Virtual Appointments calendar level analytics

GA: February 2023

Individuals and departments can drive business outcomes and improve customer experience by focusing on key metrics, such as length of appointments, wait times, and number of attendees. The report includes trends over time and the ability to drill down into individual appointment data.

Vollständiger Roadmap-Eintrag...

Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie Transmission Usage Report

GA: January 2023

Walkie Talkie, a push-to-talk experience that enables clear and secure voice communication over the cloud, enables teams to communicate instantly and always stay on the same page. Through this new capability, customers can download Walkie Talkie Usage and Transmission Quality related data to build insights for understanding product usage in stores and making investment decisions.

Vollständiger Roadmap-Eintrag...

Microsoft Teams: Add people to a group chat with @mention

GA: December 2022

Add new participants to the chat with @mention, removing the need to navigate to the add-dialog. When adding a new participant, you can control how much of the chat history to share.

Vollständiger Roadmap-Eintrag…

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – New touch and collaboration experiences

GA: December 2022

New touch and collaboration experiences will include 4K display support to further enhance your meeting experience on large screen devices and the ability to control the room system from both the Front of Room touch display and the touch console for convenience; to get this experience, the“Enable touch controls”setting on the device must be enabled. You will also be able to quickly start collaborating outside of a Teams meeting with the new, one-touch Whiteboard icon on the home screen. Tapping on this will launch the Microsoft Whiteboard app locally, and it will also allow you to start an ad-hoc meeting with your local whiteboard, enabling you to seamlessly switch from local to online collaboration. The“Allow initiate Whiteboard”setting on the device must be enabled to get this experience. When joining from a Teams Rooms device, you’ll start to see incoming chat messages to increase meeting inclusiveness. As a remote meeting participant, you’ll be able to add the PTZ Camera Controls app and control the zoom and orientation of a Teams Rooms camera directly from your desktop during a meeting; to get this experience, the Far end camera control policy must be enabled on the resource accounts.

Vollständiger Roadmap-Eintrag…

Microsoft Teams: Room Remote on Desktop

GA: November 2022

The Room Remote feature users to control a nearby shared meeting room device from their Windows desktop/PC companion device via the Teams client. This feature first launched on mobile devices and will now be available on Windows PC form factors when joined to the meeting as a companion device.

Vollständiger Roadmap-Eintrag…

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