Übersicht: Alle Meeting Apps in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams bietet mir aktuell 26 verschiedene Meeting Apps an, die sich eng in Besprechungen integrieren lassen. Eine kurze Übersicht über die Meeting Apps und deren Funktionen und Mehrwertversprechen – von A wie Asana bis W wie Wakelet. Welchen dieser Dienste benutzt Ihr schon (auch außerhalb von Teams) und möchtet mir einen Test ans Herz legen?

Microsoft Teams bietet mir aktuell 26 verschiedene Meeting Apps an, die sich eng in Besprechungen integrieren lassen. Eine kurze Übersicht über die Meeting Apps und deren Funktionen und Mehrwertversprechen – von A wie Asana bis W wie Wakelet. Welchen dieser Dienste benutzt Ihr schon (auch außerhalb von Teams) und möchtet mir einen Test ans Herz legen?

Nach meinem Erfahrungsbericht über die Integration von Slido als Meeting App in Microsoft Teams habe ich viele Rückfragen bekommen, welche Apps denn derzeit als Meeting App zur Verfügung stehen – zumal in Tenants vieler Unternehmen Apps von Drittanbietern gesperrt sind. Daher habe ich hier eine vollständige Liste aller 26 Meeting Apps („Für Besprechungen optimiert“) zusammengestellt, die mir derzeit in meinem Microsoft 365-Tenant angeboten werden.

Ich habe die Apps nicht alle selbst ausprobiert; die Informationen beruhen daher auf den Herstellerangaben.

Welchen dieser Dienste benutzt Ihr schon (auch außerhalb von Teams) und möchtet mir einen Test ans Herz legen?

Microsoft Forms

Erstellen Sie mühelos Umfragen, Quiz und Abstimmungen, Erstellen Sie reichhaltige, interaktive Besprechungserlebnisse.


Make your meetings more interactive with live polling and Q&A directly in Microsoft Teams.

  • Create word clouds and other live polls to get instant feedback
  • Run competitive quiz with leaderboard
  • Collect the most burning questions with live Q&A


Polly is an engagement app that captures instant, contextual feedback from your team in seconds. Just about anyone can get started with Polly to quickly reach their colleagues and make data-driven decisions instantly.

You can use Polly to get meeting feedback, quiz your students, get a pulse on how your team is feeling, and so much more. Polly offers an array of advanced functionality such as templates, recurrence, scheduling, anonymity, and more all available to you in Microsoft Teams.

To get started, add Polly to a Team of your choice, and you can start creating your first polly by using the messaging extension or pinning Polly to the Team tab.

For Teams Meetings, just add Polly to the Meeting tab to start creating your polly ahead of when your meeting is scheduled, and you can send your polly on demand directly in the meeting to your attendees.

All of your results will live in your Polly tab that’s pinned to the Team and you can share, delete, or close as needed. Not sure what types of questions to ask? We have 30+ templates available for you to use at any time if you need a bit of inspiration.


Wenn Sie Vevox verwenden, akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzrichtlinien und Nutzungsbedingungen.


Run anonymous Live Polls, Q&A, Fun Quizzes and Surveys in Microsoft Teams
Vevox increases engagement and participation in Microsoft Teams meetings through anonymous live polling, managed Q&A, fun quizzes and self-paced surveys.

This simple and fear-free interaction helps to engage employees and students in meetings and classes enabling them to ask questions, suggest ideas, provide feedback and make democratic decisions.

Anonymity ensures people feel included and empowered to participate

Moderation features ensure presenters can manage feedback and maintain control

Wide range of polling types including MultiChoice, Word Cloud, Risk Matrix, Numeric, Open Text and Star Rating

In order to use this app, you must have an active Vevox account. Please sign up here for a free account if you don’t already have one.

Vevox is the No.1 independably rated polling and Q&A tool of its kind. Commonly used in Pharma, Insurance, Construction and Finance industries, as well as Universities worldwide.


By simply copying and pasting the URL of a public or unlisted Wakelet URL collection, you can display it as a pinned tab on Microsoft Teams! A Wakelet account is not required to share a collection. If you wish to create your own collection to display on Microsoft Teams, you can create a Wakelet account for free! While creating a Collection via the Message Extension please navigate to Wakelet website and change the access to Public so that you can search for the Wakelet collection within Microsoft Teams.

Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix helps your team focus on high-impact work, increase productivity, and become more effective. A time tested methodology to run everything from personal task management to workload management, or managing priorities across your department.

The 1-on-1 view shows everything you need to run a tight meeting, including your relevant Outlook emails and calendar events, OneDrive documents and Planner tasks. Deep links to important tasks don’t take you out of Microsoft Teams so you keep your focus. Get notified only when something important needs your attention.

The powerful agenda views, calendar mode, Gantt chart display and smart chat-command system will make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips.


Breakthrus are two-minute immersive microbreaks, powered by our bodies in motion. They invite us to harness small restorative movements each day to boost our mood, productivity, and wellbeing. Tunable to what you and your teammates need in the moment. A wellbeing tool for individuals and groups. Give a breakthru to a friend as a gift, share it as an icebreaker in meetings, or challenge yourself to feel energized, confident, centered, and joyful.

A guide will appear at the beginning of each breakthru–simply stand, make some room, and follow the movements. There is no right or wrong way to play. Your movement will make the sound.

Play: Launch breakthru, select the Self Paced tab, then pick a mood and let go.

Give: Call on breakthru in a chat by typing @breakthru and select a breakthru to gift your teammates. Bring energy to your teammates’ day.

Share In a meeting: share breakthru in a calendared meeting by typing @breakthru into the chat bar.

Restore energy and sharpen focus with a curated series of immersive wellbeing experiences designed for your workday.

You can set reminders and cancel reminders.


Buncee is an award-winning content creation and communication tool that enables students, teachers, and administrators to easily author, publish, and share visually engaging and interactive content.

Featuring an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, thousands of unique graphics and animations, and countless creation tools, Buncee makes it easy to create fun and engaging multimedia based content, such as lessons, projects, activities, portfolios, newsletters, presentations, and more! With unlimited possibilities for bringing learning to life, Buncee is a powerful solution for all users across the schoolhouse.

Within the application, educators also have access to classroom-ready templates, as well as Buncee Ideas Lab – which features a variety of tips, tutorials, and template activities, making it easy for classrooms to innovate learning at school – anytime, anywhere, and for nearly anything. With 1000+ templates, and 300+ ideas to choose from, educators can quickly create lessons and class materials, so they can spend more time teaching.

Buncee is a simple yet powerful tool for your school. With Buncee, educators and administrators know they have all the resources on hand to personalize instruction and achieve their learning goals with ease.

To use this app, note that you will need an active Buncee account. You can get started for free by registering on http://www.buncee.com for either a Premium or Classroom subscription plan. If it is your first time signing up for a Buncee account, you will automatically be registered to a 30 day free trial, giving you access to all premium features for those plans.

Note that you can only share Buncees that are set as Publicly available as a Tab in your Microsoft Teams conversations and classes.

When using the Buncee Messaging Extension, users can only search for Buncee graphics that are available in the collection in Microsoft Teams, which does not reflect all of the graphics found in the media library on http://www.buncee.com

Bigtincan Hub

A sales enablement app to share sales content and improve virtual meetings.

This app provides a streamlined method for users to prepare, share, collaborate, and follow-up with Bigtincan content when they meet with customers virtually. End-users can access all their sales materials without having to leave the Microsoft Teams environment simplifying workflows and engaging customers.

Bigtincan Hub is a sales enablement platform that ensures sellers have access to the right content, information, and answers they need, when they need it. We provide custom-tailored sales enablement tools for full cycle sellers and service professionals.

Available end-user features include:

Prepare from Bigtincan: Find content and add it to a calendared Teams meeting in advance with just a few clicks

Search from Bigtincan: Search and share content on-the-fly during a live, virtual meeting without leaving the meeting interface

Log meeting content to CRM: Automatically log sales content shared during virtual meetings after the meetings conclude in your CRM

What makes Bigtincan more productive?

No need to leave Teams – Bigtincan is fully functional right in Teams. The tab is fully integrated to the Teams experience. No app switching, just to find the right content.

See only your teams’ content – Sales and marketing materials can only be accessed by permission-based groups simplifying finding the right materials.

Personalize content in context – End users can personalize sales content for customer meetings in PowerPoint or Bigtincan and attach it directly to a calendared Teams meeting in advance.

An active Bigtincan account is required to use this app, please visit https://www.bigtincan.com/request-demo/ to learn more about Bigtincan.


qbo (pronounced kju boʊ) makes analytics conversational using best-in-class natural language processing, so anyone can use it, from the c-suite to the front lines. Type in a question and qbo surfaces the most relevant answers, visualizations and insights for you in a snap. Actively collaborate with colleagues to dig deeper, make decisions and capture your findings in presentation-ready boards. Empower everyone in your organization to make data-driven decisions. qbo can directly connect to a large range of cloud or on-premise data sources and make insights available directly within Microsoft Teams.

This is an enterprise app that requires a license to use (configuration needs to be done by an administrator). If you are a new user you can experience the app through a demo based on data from Citi Bike NYC, or you can go to https://cloud.qbo.ai/kahve to sign up for a free trial and experience the app with your own data.

Conferences i/o

Conferences i/o is an easy-to-use live audience engagement platform that is perfect for virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings. Millions of attendees at thousands of events, primarily across North America, have used Conferences i/o technology to make presentations more interactive. Engaged attendees are better attendees — they learn more, and they give higher ratings to sessions and events that add elements of audience participation.

How does this app work?

This app is built for existing Conferences i/o customers. A convenient tab will be added to your Teams intranet page. This tab is best suited for use during Teams video meetings.

How is this app supported?

This app is fully supported by the Conferences i/o support team. Customers can reach out at any time with questions about how the product works, and how they can get the most out of it.

I’m not currently a customer. How can I try Conferences i/o?

Reach out to the Conferences i/o team via our website, https://www.conferences.io

Audience Q&A

Enjoy a world-class Q&A experience from the inventors of crowdsourced meeting Q&A.

Before your event, collect questions in one convenient place.

Audience members can upvote questions, allowing Q&A time to be used efficiently.

Download questions after your event and share internally or with attendees.


Engage your audience with a variety of poll types (multiple choice, open ended).

Try our exclusive brainstorming poll, where participants can submit and then vote for ideas.

Collect responses beforehand, or run live polls during your meeting.

Download a well formatted report afterward.

Session Evaluations

Skip messy email feedback and capture an evaluation while it’s fresh in mind for attendees.

No need to use any other survey tool.

And more!

Check-ins and check-outs for continuing education sessions.

Single sign-on integration (if you need it).

Fully customizable branding.

Pigeonhole Live

Collect questions, vote on decisions, and brainstorm ideas with your team in meetings, channels and group chats.

Add a tab in your meetings and channels to share Q&As, Polls, and Quizzes you have created in your Pigeonhole Live Workspace.

You can also create Q&As and collect questions directly in your channels and group chats by connecting your Pigeonhole Live account. Team members can view the Q&A in the tab if a tab has been added to the channel.

Talview Interviews

Talview Interview Intelligence integrates with Microsoft Teams to enable recruiters and interview panel members access to Talview candidate details, including resume and assessment results, in a Teams tab to prepare for an interview. During a Teams video interview Talview’s Interview Intelligence empowers interview panel members to capture and submit feedback via the Talview meeting sidebar which syncs into the Talview. Using Talview on Teams enables collaborative hiring, helping your organization make faster decisions by putting your entire interview workflow into Teams.

“You need to have an active subscription with ‘Talview’ to use this app. Please contact your Talview administrator to activate an account.


isLucid is an innovative voice recognition tool that automatically transcribes online meetings, integrates into your favourite management software (Atlassian JIRA, Azure DevOps, soon MS Planner), helps you create actionable items, and share outcomes.

Our voice recognition software helps managers maximize the efficiency of their meetings. Instead of writing down notes, spending time creating wrap-up emails, and clarifying tasks, focus on what matters most – communicating.

Innovations in machine learning allow isLucid to provide high quality transcriptions. isLucid will take care of everything: identify participants, transcribe the discussion, add timestamps, suggest and send tasks to project management software. Forget about missed tasks, assignements, and duties.

isLucid features:

Automatically transcribes online meetings.

Uses machine learning to maximize transcription quality.

Identifies participants and adds timestamps.

Integrates easily into project management software (Atlassian JIRA, Azure DevOps coming soon with MS Planner, MS Projects).

Creates tasks and descriptions.

Provides recommendations for meeting topics (coming soon).

Generates Meeting Minutes for future storage and traceability.

Notifies meeting participants who use isLucid on created action items.

Get help, check pricing in our website at http://www.islucid.com

Use our Free Trial option to get started with isLucid and bring your meetings to the next level!


Be a high performing team without the annoying admin work. Soapbox helps you streamline objectives, meetings, and morale into one workflow that gets you the results you need. Soapbox is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams video conferencing, group and team chat, and Microsoft Outlook calendar. Whether you’re an onsite or remote team, Soapbox enables your team to stay on top of business objectives while giving managers the tools they need to keep a finger on morale and team performance.

Feature highlights:

Collaborative meeting agendas: 1:1, team and one-off meetings

Goal-setting and tracking

Conversation starters

Next steps tracker

Meeting insights: ML-powered conversational analytics

Integrated meeting notes

Real-time employee feedback

Soapbox is great for remote, onsite and distributed teams looking to have real-time or asynchronous meetings.



Great meetings start with an agenda that everyone has contributed to. People show up prepared, conversations are fruitful, and the meeting is hyper-productive. Soapbox for Microsoft Teams makes meetings better by handling the annoying admin work for you.

With Soapbox, every meeting has a shared agenda, description, meeting notes and follow-up. You can also access over 45 meeting agenda templates to inspire productive meetings!


Collaboratively set business and personal development goals with your team in a way that’s measurable and impossible to forget about. Add milestones and deadlines to help you measure progress from the day you set your goals to the day you hope to hit them!

Empower your team to take ownership of their goals by giving them the space and inspiration needed to set their own. Access over 180+ role-specific and professional development OKR and goal examples across every role in tech.


Access hundreds of tried and tested questions to spur insightful and productive conversations at work. You’ll also have the ability to sort questions by:

-Meeting type: 1:1 vs. team meeting

-Role: manager vs. direct report

-Tag: Growth, communication, work, motivation

From ice breakers to growth-focused questions, we’ve got it all in our suggested questions library!


Accountability made easy.

No more post-meeting follow-up you have to chase. Keep your team productive and accountable by using using our action tracker to assign and track next steps across every meeting.


If you’re only talking about status updates across every one-on-one meeting, you’re actively disengaging your team.

With the power of machine learning, Soapbox will scan every agenda item to learn what topics you’re discussing most and least across every meeting across 4 categories: work, motivation, communication, and motivation.

Based on these findings, Soapbox will offer up helpful resources and suggested questions to help you better balance conversations across every meeting.


Collaboratively document discussions, decisions, and next step in Soapbox as you move through your meeting. When the meeting is over, Soapbox will automatically email minutes to all participants.

You’ll also be able to access historical meeting minutes all in one place. Never worry about losing track of meeting minutes ever again.


Automatically send quick post-meeting survey questions after every meeting to track meeting effectiveness, team morale, and performance over time.

Never have a bad meeting again.

With Soapbox, you can be a high-performing team without the annoying admin work. What more could you want?


Empower your people to collaborate and discover internal job opportunities at your company with Phenom. Automatically answer frequently asked questions, freeing up your team to focus on other tasks. Reduce friction in the hiring process and make it easier for candidates to start or continue their journey.

Search for Jobs

Quickly search for available openings at your company to discover the next path in your career.


Quickly recommend open roles to friends, family, or former colleagues.


Get answers to some of the most common hiring and HR questions, 24/7.

Application and Referral Status

Find out where your application and/or referral stands in the process.

Scheduling Interviews

Get notifications when there is an action required of you to get a candidate scheduled for an interview.


Gather interview feedback on a job candidate to help make your next hire.


Provide interview feedback in real time while on a video call.

Get Started

Phenom Employee Experience


Use the Go1 app to create a collaborative learning space within Microsoft Teams. Automatically create new learning spaces based on your teams and course structures and add in learning resources from Microsoft Teams Files, web links, Go1’s extensive learning library of more than 80,000 courses, or even your own Learning Management System. The Go1 Microsoft Teams app comes pre-integrated with Canvas LMS, with more LMS integrations coming soon. Curate and control the visibility of learning resources for different teams and enable your teams to discuss and share any of the content. If you already have learning content in SCORM, AICC, LTI, TinCan, and xAPI, the Go1 app can be used to import these too! Bring people together to learn with the Go1 app by sharing learning content during a Microsoft Teams meeting. The meeting organizer can set the learning content for the meeting and share resources with participants during the meeting. After the meeting, the organizer can see how many participants completed the learning items. Learners can check the status of their learning at any time through the personal tab in the Go1 App. On the personal tab learners will find all their learning items which are in progress, assigned, saved and completed. Learners can also explore new content via the Explore tab in the personal app. If you have any feedback or questions about the app or have an LMS you’d like to see integrated, please reach out to support@go1.com.

HireVue Interviews

HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams provides hiring managers and HR teams a way to collaborate while working smarter allowing each member of the hiring team to engage with job seekers in their natural workflow. HireVue provides structured questions and ratings directly in the Microsoft Teams experience to better support virtual interviews that take place in Teams. In today’s reality of work, virtual experiences and meetings are now mainstream, but an interview is not just another meeting. HireVue provides hiring teams the ability to create better, more consistent, and inclusive interview experiences inside Teams.

Key Features:

Interview structure built into the Teams Meeting. Hirevue integrates predefined interview questions automatically into Teams on the meeting request and turns the Teams Meeting experience easily into a Hirevue Interview.

Per-question rating and ranking of candidate responses for each hiring team member

Ability to capture notes during the interview organized by question for each hiring team member

Candidate final recommendation (yes/no) for each hiring team member to facilitate quick hiring decisions

In order to use the app, you need to have an active subscription to HireVue


The best way use Microsoft Teams to turn people managers into leaders of high performing and engaged teams – whether in the office or remote. Saberr helps teams learn the routines and develop the habits that lead to higher performing and more engaged teams.

Become a great team leader

Get access to a highly curated library of content and resources specifically deisgned for people managers and collaborative teams. Articles and videos cover the basics and templates, techniques and exercises help you put it into practise. Plus create a personal profile with personality and values reports

Master 1-1 meetings

Get notifications for upcoming meetings and co-create agendas without leaving Teams. Use templates, take notes, record actions and see contextually relevant learning content based on your discussion points. Even display your meeting agenda inside a Teams call.

Transform your team

Run team meetings, retrospectives, team exercises, engagement surveys and more all from inside Microsoft Teams. Get analytics data to track your progress and see the impact your new habits are having on performance.

Connect Microsoft Teams to Saberr

This integration is free to all Saberr customers who also have a Teams account.


Verbessern Sie Produktivität, Engagement und Zusammenarbeit Ihrer Meetings mit einer bahnbrechenden Lösung für Microsoft Teams mit einem Agenda-Editor, Protokollvorlagen, Zeitmanagement, Sicheren Abstimmungen, Aufgabenzuweisungen und vielem mehr.

Tausende Kunden vertrauen Decisions – unabhängig ob Meetings persönlich, online, oder kombiniert durchgeführt werden.


Teams-Meeting Support in Seitenleiste („In-Meeting Experience“)

Intelligenter Agenda-Editor

Zusammenarbeit an Tagesordnungspunkten

Ein-Klick-Sitzungsprotokoll in Word oder OneNote

Automatische Erstellung von Sitzungsbüchern als PDF or PPT

Benutzerdefinierte Sitzungsvorlagen

Zeitmanagement (Stoppuhr)

Management von Gastteilnehmern / Externen Moderatoren

Einreichungsprozess für Tagesordnungspunkte

Sichere Abstimmungen

Beschlüsse- und Aufgabensynchronisierung mit Microsoft Planner und „To Do“


Always be on the same page with effective and structured 1-on-1 meetings – no matter where you are.


Easily organize 1-on-1s and make the most out of them with talking points, action items, and private notes.


Get recognized for your hard efforts and celebrate your colleagues to keep them motivated.


Help your employees grow by giving constructive feedback or by requesting feedbacks on their behalf.


Be on top of your business and track your direct reports with an easy to use tasks module right inside Outlook and Teams.


Take notes with Teamflect and never forget important details about your direct reports or colleagues.

Teamflect provides rich context by getting behavioral data from Office 365 and helps managers access deep insights generated from the daily communications with their direct reports and peers.

NOTE: Office 365 account is required to use Teamflect. Teamflect is totally free and always will be accessible with all of its features for companies that have under 25 employees. However, if you have more than 25 employees, you have to move to our paid tier which starts from 3$ per month.


monday.com is a versatile Work OS that powers remote teamwork. monday.com powers teams to organize, structure, and streamline all programs, projects, and processes.

More than 100,000 companies worldwide rely on monday.com to connect their teams in a collaborative work space and get ahead while working remotely.

Through monday.com, you can use building blocks – such as boards, views, charts, automations, and integrations – to create custom workflow apps to run processes, projects and everyday work. Create a new monday.com board or add to an existing one from directly within Microsoft Teams and easily visualize your team’s work in one collaborative workspace.

In the monday.com app you can:

Create new boards and collaborate on existing ones within Microsoft teams tabs to streamline business processes.

Visualize your data as a calendar, workload, or map and make data-driven decisions.

Automate routine tasks and focus on the work that requires your talents.

Assign different items and use more than 40 tools and app integrations.

Receive notifications from your boards and create items through the monday bot.

Search for relevant monday.com boards and items from within Microsoft Teams conversations, and share them amongst your team to ensure everyone is aligned.

Use your personal space tab to stay on top of your weekly workflows and inbox.

monday.com is visual and intuitive, so your teams can be remote-ready and collaborating in minutes! monday.com is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams with easy and fast on-boarding.

No more disjointed tools, frequent miscommunications, and chasing status updates: monday.com connects your team so you can continue to collaborate, manage and track work in one easy-to-use platform, wherever you are.

Start shaping workflows in minutes with monday.com and start your free trial here.

Coming soon in next release: User interface optimizations for improved usability


Mit der Work-Management-Plattform von Asana können sich Ihre Teammitglieder auf die Ziele, Projekte und Aufgaben Ihres Teams konzentrieren – ganz gleich, wann und wo sie arbeiten.

Produktive Diskussionen

Arbeiten Sie zusammen an Asana-Aufgaben und sorgen Sie für die notwendige Vernetzung Ihrer Arbeit, ohne Microsoft Teams verlassen zu müssen. Wandeln Sie Diskussionen in Teams direkt in konkrete Asana-Aufgaben um.

Mehr Einblick

Sie erhalten Informationen zu Asana-Aufgaben, Projekten, Portfolios und Status-Updates innerhalb von Teams. Suchen Sie nach den von Ihnen benötigten Informationen, stellen Sie den Beteiligten Hintergrundinformationen zur Verfügung und greifen Sie auf Details zu, indem Sie Asana-Aufgaben direkt in Microsoft-Teams abrufen.

Alle Neuigkeiten in Asana

Erhalten Sie wichtige Benachrichtigungen in Ihren eigenen, privaten „Meine Aufgaben“. Passen Sie Ihre Benachrichtigungspräferenzen pro Kanal an und verfolgen Sie dann den Aufgabenfortschritt in Ihren Teams-Kanälen. Erfassen Sie die Informationen, die Sie in Asana benötigen, während Sie in Teams konzentriert und miteinander vernetzt bleiben.

Microsoft Teams mit Asana verknüpfen

Diese Integration steht allen Asana-Kunden, die auch über ein Teams-Konto verfügen, kostenlos zur Verfügung.

iCIMS Talent Bot

iCIMS Talent Bot works with Microsoft Teams to bring recruitment workflows from the iCIMS Talent Cloud into your hiring team’s everyday flow of work. ICIMS Talent Bot gives interviewers the ability to provide interview feedback during or after live video meetings directly within Microsoft Teams. Interview feedback feeds directly into iCIMS Applicant Tracking, saving recruiters time spent collecting feedback, while enhancing the hiring team experience, and enabling accelerated decision making.


Enhance the hiring team experience: Bring recruitment workflows into the tool your hiring managers, recruiters, and other interviewers already use every day.

Make faster virtual hiring decisions: Capture interview feedback from your hiring team in their flow of work for improved response rates and faster decision making.

Save recruiters’ time: Skip the extra follow-up meetings and manual tasks by automating interview feedback collection from your hiring managers.


Live interview feedback: Create interview feedback forms in iCIMS Applicant Tracking and make them available in a heads-up display directly within Microsoft Teams while interviewing candidates.

Post-interview feedback: Decrease the latency between the completion of an interview and feedback capture. Interviewers can submit post-interview feedback without ever logging into iCIMS through feedback cards made available in Microsoft Teams.


Fellow for Microsoft Teams helps your team build great meeting habits by allowing you to collaborate on agendas, share notes, and get work done. Add a Fellow tab to any chat or channel, choose a stream to be displayed, and jump right in and start adding notes with your teammates. With the message actions, you can easily send message to any note as a talking point or action item, making it easier than ever to follow up on conversations. And, when you post a link to a Fellow stream, a preview of the note will be displayed for everyone to see—so that you don’t have to leave Microsoft Teams to get work done, and you can still encourage everyone to show up prepared to meetings. A Fellow account is required to use this app, sign up here.


Here’s where Range can help: It gets your team in sync with a daily Check-in that takes about 5 minutes. With a little upfront focus on getting in sync, your team will have shorter video meetings, fewer chat interruptions, and more time to get stuff done.

Here’s how it works:

Share a Check-in — Range sends a reminder to your Outlook each morning to help you build a simple habit of planning your day, reflecting on your work, and sharing that with your team as a Check-in.

Stay in sync — As teammates Check-in, you’ll see what they’re working on, right in Microsoft Teams. Just add the Range tab to your team, and you’ll always know what everyone’s working on and the progress they’ve made.

Better meetings — Range helps your video calls go more smoothly. Just add Range to your meetings, and you’ll see a sidebar during your call with Check-ins from your team. Rather than long-winded status updates, everyone can get the gist from reading Check-ins and then dive into more meaningful conversations about the work.

Feel connected — We’ve woven in team building features throughout Range to help your team feel connected while working from home (and to make work just a little more fun). Share how you’re feeling, get to know your teammates with questions, or send an emoji thank you to a coworker.

Coming soon — Publish Check-ins right from Microsoft Teams and easily share and see what your team is working on, the progress they’ve made, and how they’re feeling.

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